Audio Transfer

In studio

Do you have a collection of Vinyl records or music cassettes that are on the ‘deleted’ list and you do not have the equipment to play them? We can encode and transfer analogue formats to CD disc or electronic files. In most cases we can improve the quality by removing crackle, clicks and surface noise using the latest digital restoration technology. Songs are split into tracks for accessibility as a regular CD using the original layout or a custom order. CD’s can hold up to 80 minutes of music and are supplied in printed cases with disc artwork.


All material for transfer must be the original owned by the customer. Because you have purchased the original and are the owner you are permitted to archive for personal use. Known as fair use of copyright we can make one copy for personal use. The original recording must be retained, should the original be destroyed or disposed of the owner must destroy or dispose of the converted copies accordingly.


We can also digitally encode 1/4 inch magnetic reel to reel audio tape to CD or electronic files. This is particularly popular as the format was used to send audio messages and was one of the first formats widely available in the domestic consumer market.


Vinyl Records          Singles      £4.50 per disc

Vinly Records          LP’s           £16.00 per disc

Music Cassettes                       £16.00 per cassette

1/4 inch Magnetic Reel             £25.00 per hour


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